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Enzyme cleansing powder extracted from green papaya

Brings dullness-free glossy skin
◆Enzyme cleansing powder - White
Pure enzyme face-wash recommended for those with sensitive skin
Pure cleansing powder made from blue papaya enzyme and soap base. Applicable to sensitive skins.

◆Enzyme cleansing powder - Blue
For those anxious about skin care for moisturizing and whitening
Blended with Yamato angelica leaves, which is also a herbal medicine, and rice bran of organic rice to the naturally extracted enzyme cleansing powder. Provides with moist feeling and flexibility without giving stiffness to skins after washing. Massaging while washing improves blood flow and leads to the skin with transparency.

◆Enzyme cleansing powder - Red
The antioxidant power of plants leading to lively skin
Natural extraction enzyme wash powder mixed with Okuizumo’s organic grown Japanese rose and Aomori’s black cassis powder.
Product Details

Selling Agency Japan
Basic Ingredients:
Soap base, potato starch, talc, cornstarch, albumin, papain
Soap base, potato starch, talc, cornstarch, albumin, papain, toki, rice bran
Potato starch, potato starch, talc, cornstarch, albumin, papain, black currant fruit, hybrid rose flower
Each powder Amount:50g
Each Weight:94g
Each Size:φ4.5㎝×H10㎝
Each packaged size: W4.5㎝×D4.5㎝×H10.5㎝
Kindly Note
If you notice irritation or any other allergic skin problem using this product, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.

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