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◆Color Emulsion
Vegetation colors appearing in Manyoshu (8th-century anthology of Japanese poetry)
The "Color Emulsion" is made of scallop shell ground powder. The natural ingredients of calcium and protein contained in scallop shells bring antimicrobial and bacteriostatic effects. When used in conjunction with a color emulsion, the color will hold longer. A fresh color can obtain with a single coating.

Features of THERA Nail Care
· No pungent odor
Can be used without worrying about surroundings.
It does not smell like other nail paints as no organic solvent contained.

·Removable with hot water
Because the resin used is the same as the one for mascara and softens when immersed in hot water, it is removable in hot water without using strong stimulant removal liquid. Therefore, you can use it gently and securely on your nails. Although it is not removed with daily hand washing with the warm water, it might be removed with the bathing or shampooing. It would help stay it longer for about 3 to 4 days by using the basecoat and topcoat. To remove it immediately, apply cotton pad soaked with ethanol onto the nail for about 30 seconds and then wipe it off.

·Dries quickly
It dries in about 1 minute. The base material fast drying at body temperature, the higher the temperature, the faster it dries.

·Good coloring
Carefully toned color emulsion provides good color development even with single coating directly applied on the nails. An aqueous layer covering the surface of the nails easily allows you light wearing comfort and excellent appearance with natural gloss and smoothness.

·Economically friendly
As any volatile solvent not contained, it does not harden or become muddy and no need to add the diluting solution. You can use up the color emulsion in the bottle until the end comfortably.

·Nail friendly ingredients
While enjoying nail coloring, at the same time you can do nail care with its protective moisturizing function.

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